Experiences shared by students who have reached their respective higher education institutions in the U.S. after being serviced by IDP India.

Ravinder Reddy Gade, University of Illinois at Springfield, 2011

"IDP has helped me in making a lot of well informed critical decisions with regard to my higher education plans. I was confused and worried when I started my application process and then I came across IDP while browsing through various websites. The first time I went through the site, a great amount of hope was generated in me, and when I met the IDP team, I was enthused with a lot of confidence. Thereafter, with guidance from my counselor I got admission into a reputed world class university in the US. IDP has been very helpful in guiding me at all stages of my application process. Chennai US team helped me shortlist the universities that suited my interest and calibre, and continue to help me even now. My counsellor was very proactive and helped me in taking the right decisions during critical situations. My pleasant affiliation with IDP encouraged me to recommend IDP to many of my fellow students in Chennai who are going through the same indecisive phase I went through before I came to IDP. The IDP team has also given me sound advice related to the visa procedure in order to acquire visa without any glitches. I chose University of Illinois at Springfield for pursuing my MS in Management Information Systems. I definitely believe that graduating from the US will help me achieve my goals. I would like to state that the services provided by IDP Education are very helpful and coming to IDP was a great learning experience for me."

Shantanu Bhatia - University of South Carolina, Fall 2011

"When I approached IDP Education, I was sure that I would get the right guidance and help with respect to pursuing my dream of studying in the US. True to my expectations, IDP Education did all that it could to help me with the admissions process. They helped me shortlist the universities as per my requirements and went out of their way to contact the universities on my behalf. They also gave me a list of all the documents that were required during the admissions process and later. My counselor took special care to explain every critical point related to the universities and the courses they offered. I also got ample tips with regard to the visa interview. My admission to the University of South Carolina and my visa approval are proof enough of the brilliant services that IDP Education offers. I believe that the International Business programme will help me gain the requisite knowledge to succeed in the global business environment. I am happy that I came to IDP and deeply appreciate all the help they provided."

Lakshmi Priya - New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fall 2011

"The staff at IDP was extremely helpful. When I came to them, I wanted assistance with the entire application procedure and which they did with utmost enthusiasm. My counsellor, especially, was very helpful and polite, patiently guiding me at every step through the whole process. I am glad that I came to IDP for assistance with the aim of pursuing my Masters in Information Systems at NJIT. I see my dream of studying in USA, turn into reality soon. As a last word of appreciation for the organisation, I would like mention that IDP is a well established organisation with Australian educational system. It can become equally strong with the US educational system if a few more colleges are added to the list of client universities, for the benefit of the students. But overall, I am happy to have come to IDP for help."

Muthali Ganesh - University of Dayton, Fall 2011

"I came to IDP Education with the hope that they would analyse my profile and help me shortlist the universities as per my requirements. I also wanted them to help me with my Statement of Purpose and other intricacies involved with the admission process. I was impressed with the manner in which the IDP staff went out of their way to guide me. My counsellor at IDP was extremely helpful and reviewed my documents patiently, and thereafter encouraged me to apply to the universities that suited my profile, for better prospects of getting a final admit. I am very thankful to my counsellor for also helping me do all that it took to make my raw SOP and LORs sound impressive. I was given critical inputs in line with what the universities were looking for. The mock visa interview conducted by IDP was extremely beneficial as it helped me get through the visa interview without any glitches. They also helped me prepare important financial documents required for the admission process. I have chosen to do my Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton and I am confident that whatever I learn in the next two years will add to my present skill set. The hands-on experience that I will gain by way of the practical learning there will prove fruitful in the long term. I am happy that I came to IDP Education."

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